Kirby Seminar - Dr Denton Callander - Space, place and sexual health."

Image - Kirby Seminar - Dr Denton Callander - Space, place and sexual health."
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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Level 6, Seminar Room
Wallace Wurth Building
UNSW Australia
Sydney NSW 2052

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Rata Joseph 93850900
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The Kirby Institute is pleased to present:

Dr Denton Callander, Sexual Health Program, Kirby Institute

"Space, place and sexual health."

Geography is an undeniable component of sexual health.  Space and place are key factors in the proliferation of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections either through their relationship to risk practices, the underpinning epidemiology, individual health-seeking behaviours, or some combination of all three.  In spite of its import, geography is rarely incorporated meaningfully in sexual health research.  While stratifications along lines of urban, rural, and regional settings can reveal valuable truths about HIV and sexually transmissible infections, considerable nuance is lost by only taking this ‘big picture’ approach.  Further, at an individual level it is clear that context features in how many people come to understand their experiences with infection.  Through a selection of epidemiological, sociological, and public health projects, I will explore and invite discussion on the ways in which consideration for space and place can enrich our understanding of sexual health in Australia.

Denton Callander joined the Kirby Institute in 2011 and is a research fellow in the sexual health program.  His work focuses on sex, sexualities and sexual health in the areas of public health, epidemiology, sociology, and psychology.  Denton is also an adjunct lecturer with the Centre for Social Research in Health.