Meet the Professors: Professor Jason Grebely and Professor Andrew Vallely

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

UNSW Council Chambers, The Chancellery, Gate 9, High St Kensington

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The 2019 Meet the Professors series is a wonderful chance for students and staff to celebrate the careers and achievements of our newly promoted and recruited professors. Our speakers will share their specialist knowledge and provide insights into ‘what’ and ‘who’ influenced their lives and careers.

Professor Jason Grebely, The Kirby Institute

Jason Grebely is a Professor at the Kirby Institute. He received his BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2002) and his PhD in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2007) from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He then completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Epidemiology at UNSW Sydney (2009). His research focuses on the epidemiology and treatment of hepatitis C infection, with a focus on people who inject drugs. He is also the President of the International Network for Hepatitis in Substance Users, an international association enhancing knowledge translation, education and advocacy to improve the health of people who use drugs.

Lecture: Breaking down barriers to improve the health of people who use drugs

People who use drugs are often stigmatized and marginalized, resulting in barriers towards accessing healthcare. In this talk, I hope to highlight some of my work which has sought to address barriers to prevention, testing, treatment, and care for hepatitis C infection among people who use drugs. I hope to highlight how this work has had an impact on practice and policy with the goal of improving the health of people who use drugs globally. As part of this reflection, I hope to acknowledge those who have been critical to my journey and highlight some of the key challenges that remain ahead.

Please see Professor Jason Grebely webpage HERE

Professor Andrew Vallely, The Kirby Institute

Andrew Vallely is a medically-trained clinical epidemiologist with over 20 years’ experience in international public health, sexually transmitted and infectious disease research. He has designed and led multi-disciplinary research teams in Australia, Kenya, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, United Kingdom and Vanuatu. In 2007, he established an international collaborative research group at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, where he was Head of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit and Deputy Director from 2010-2015. His research focusses on evaluating innovative solutions to improve women’s reproductive health in high-burden, low-resource settings.

Lecture: New technologies to improve women’s reproductive health in high-burden, low-resource settings

Women in low-resource settings worldwide experience an unacceptable burden of adverse reproductive health outcomes. In this talk I will highlight my work to evaluate novel biomedical technologies to improve pregnancy outcomes and to prevent cervical cancer in Papua New Guinea and other high-burden countries. I will also reflect on the people, places and experiences that have shaped my career and inspired my work.

Please see Professor Andrew Vallely webpage HERE