Kirby Institute Seminar Series - 5th September 2014

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Friday, 5 September 2014 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Kirby Institute, Level 6 Seminar Room, Wallace Wurth Building, UNSW

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02 9385 0900
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Stephen Wright - "Antiretroviral therapies and treatment-realated outcomes for HIV positive patients in Australia."

In the absence of a cure, the management, treatment, and monitoring of HIV disease is likely to be life long. As HIV treatment strategies move towards initiating therapy earlier, the number of HIV-positive persons receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) is anticipated to increase. While the shorter-term response to ART has been studied extensively, fewer studies have evaluated longer-term responses to ART. In this talk, I will present results from my PhD thesis. Based on analysis of longitudinal patient record data from the Australian HIV Observational Database (AHOD), this work aims to inform the expected experience of initiating ART, risk of modifying treatment, and longer-term immunological and virological response through up to 12 years of treatment.

Biography :
Stephen Wright is an applied statistician with experience teaching, applying and encouraging the use of basic-to-complex statistical methodology. Stephen joined The Kirby Institute in 2010 as a statistician primarily working on the Australian HIV Observational Database (AHOD). His research interests include analysis of longitudinal observational cohort data, effective data visualisation, and promoting exploratory data analysis.