Associate Professor Derek Chan – Yu Save Tekem Mi Long Port Vila? – Can You Take Me To Port Vila? Upscaling the HIV Response in Vanuatu

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Berg Family Foundation Seminar Room, Level 6, Wallace Wurth Building, Kensington Campus
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Rata Joseph, +61 (2) 9385 0900 or

Kirby Institute Seminar Series presents

Associate Professor Derek Chan

Associate Professor Derek Chan

Staff Specialist, Albion Centre

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Derek Chan is a Staff Specialist at Albion Centre and a Conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Public Health UNSW. Since completing his PhD in 2011, he has published widely in the areas of HIV and STI medicine and participated in national and international trials of antiretroviral therapies. He is the Project Lead for an international collaboration between the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and the WHO Collaborating Centre in HIV and STI Care, Treatment and Support (Albion Centre).


90% of HIV infections in the Asia-Pacific region occur in 12 countries. The state of the epidemic in small Pacific Island nations, in contrast, is not well characterised but there is no doubt that prevailing socioeconomic, cultural, resource limitations and behavioural factors render populations at risk for HIV. Vanuatu is a small nation and its population is susceptible to infectious diseases including tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV.

This presentation provides an overview of an international project being conducted by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and WHO Collaborating Centre in HIV and STI Care, Treatment and Support (Albion Centre) to upscale the HIV response in Vanuatu.