Young people

People under 25 years of age are at risk of sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses

This can be due to low rates of condom use, limited access to services and because of drug use behaviours. Some groups within this population are particularly at risk and include Aboriginal and Torres Islander young people, juvenile offenders and people living in low and middle income countries.

At the Kirby Institute we maintain enhanced surveillance of the behaviours and infections impacting youth, and evaluates public health interventions designed to protect youth from infection. These interventions include HPV vaccination, chlamydia screening and sexual health promotion.

Our research uncovers information on the reality of young people’s lives and experiences,  and tests interventions based on their needs. Our Australian Chlamydia Control Effectiveness Pilot is a world-first study assessing the feasibility of annual chlamydia testing among young people in Aboriginal communities. Our GOANNA study explored sexual health and relationships in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, collecting valuable information about risk behaviours to inform prevention strategies.

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