Immunogenomics and Systems Immunology Laboratory

Immunogenomics and Systems Immunology Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary team conducting immunology research using a systems approach. Our researchers combine methods of immunology, genomics and bioinformatics to understand the role of immune cells in human diseases. Our philosophy is that this systems approach is the perfect combination to understand complex systems, such as the immune system. 

The focus of our laboratory is to dissect the molecular mechanisms that determine the optimal success of an immune response from unwanted scenarios, such as immune cells responding when they are not supposed to (autoimmunity), or when they should respond but they don’t, such as in cancer. In our research we use single cell genomics to identify rare immune cells carrying genetic mutations that affect their phenotype and ultimately autoimmune disorders, such as coeliac disease. We are also involved in projects involving Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells, which are engineered cells designed to specifically target cancer cells. 

The group has extensive collaborations nationally and internationally and is part of the UNSW Cellular Genomics Future Institute. 


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