Transfer from Masters to PhD

If you have enrolled in a Masters of Research and wish to transfer to a PhD, you must meet the entry requirements for a PhD (Honours Class 2 Division 1 (H2-1) or equivalent). In many cases, H2-1 equivalence is achieved by having lead research resulting in a first author peer reviewed publication or conference presentation. Additionally, to transfer you will need to provide:

  • Supervisor statement of support
  • A submission from the candidate including the following:
    • Request for transfer, including which program they are applying to transfer into, and which semester the change will be effective from
    • A revised timeline for completion
    • Supporting documents showing evidence that the candidate has achieved H2-1 or equivalent (evidence of first author peer reviewed research)
    • A statement as to how the research will contribute to original knowledge as required of a PhD in a way that is not expected of a Masters. This may be best demonstrated by providing a chapter outline for the Masters and proposed PhD
  • Postgraduate coordinator statement of support
  • Achievement of ‘Satisfactory’ in prior APRs
  • A copy of the Annual Progress Review in which the Panel recommends that the candidate has satisfied all the requirements for confirmation of a PhD candidate and that the candidate may transfer to a PhD. (Your last APR documents will be provided by the Graduate Research School).

The above documents and case will be presented by the postgraduate coordinator to the Faculty of Medicine Higher Degrees Committee for recommendation.