National Prison Entrants Bloodborne Virus & Risk Behaviour Survey

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Prisoners are at an extreme risk of contracting bloodborne viruses due to engagement in risk behaviours that can result in exposure to HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B. These behaviours include: injecting drug use and sharing contaminated injecting equipment, amateur tattooing, and violence. To this end, it is important that these infections be monitored in this at risk population group. 

The triennial prevalence survey of bloodborne viruses and sexually transmissible infections, and health risk behaviours in Australian prison entrants provides ongoing information on the prevalence of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea.z2185283


Prisoners are an at risk population for contracting bloodborne viruses and sexually transmissible infections.  


Monitor the prevalence of bloodborne viruses and sexually transmissible infections among Australian prison entrants.

Design & Method

Consecutive survey of new prison receptions over a two week period.


Survey completed in 2004, 2007 and 2010.


Provides important information that is incorporated into all of the national communicable diseases strategies.


Survey report. 

Project Members
image - 1338431618 Tony Butler
Professor and Program Head
Ph +61 2 9385 9257
Other Investigators

Professor Michael Levy (ACT Corrections Health); Dr Devon Indig (Justice Health NSW); Kiah McGregor, Simon Stafford, and Robyn Hopkins (NT Correctional Services); Dr Alun Richards and Stacy Kambouris (Queensland Health); Dr Peter Frost and Karen Harlin (SA Prison Health Service); Dr Chris Wake and Deborah Siddall (Tas Correctional Primary Health Services); Fiona MacFarlane and Michele Gardner (Justice Health Victoria); and Holly Beasley (WA Corrective Services).

Project Collaborators: External

Justice Health NSW

Justice Health Victoria

ACT Corrections Health

NT Correctional Services

Queensland Health

SA Prison Health Service

Tasmanian Correctional Primary Health Services

WA Corrective Services

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