Liver Spots: A Study of Hepatitis B Knowledge, Treatment and Health Care Among Indigenous Australians

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This project aimed to describe health care and treatment needs of Aboriginal people living with chronic hepatitis B infection.


Qualitative in nature, the study investigated barriers and facilitators to clinical care and treatment for Aboriginal people living with chronic hepatitis B infection including biomedical knowledge, cultural healthcare needs, lived experience of disease, medical practitioner attitudes and pathways to care.

Design & Method

In-depth interviews were conducted with physicians, nurses, policy-makers and other health workers in South Australia. Interview and observational data were collected in a remote community in South Australia.


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The project will contribute to outlining the chronic health management and treatment needs of individuals and communities as well as providing data to inform the development of a larger nation-wide project and culturally appropriate resources and services for Aboriginal Australians.


Peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations

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