An Evaluation of Aboriginal Sexual and Reproductive Health and Viral Hepatitis Program in selected Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

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About the Project

This Evaluation Program seeks to examine changes in service delivery within selected Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) throughout NSW. Sexually transmissible infections (STI) for Aboriginal youths aged 16-25 years of age and blood-borne viral (BBV) infections for patients aged 16-54 years will be monitored over time by examining the number of diagnostics tests conducted in relation to occasion of service, rate of positive test results and care and management of diagnosis (with particular regards to viral hepatitis). A further component of this program will be to examine demographic and behavioural correlates of sexual and reproductive health knowledge and risk behaviours.


 The aims of this project are:

  1. To improve health service STI/BBV diagnostic testing and clinical management practices in 16–25 year olds.
  2. To improve uptake and completion of treatment for people living with HBV and HCV between the ages of 16-54 years.
  3. To examine demographic factors, client knowledge of sexual and reproductive health issues, choices and options, behaviour and how they relate to health service utilisation and STI and BBV infections, among 16-25 year olds.


The objectives of the Evaluation Program are:

    1. to measure the proportion of Aboriginal young people aged 16-25 accessing participating ACCHS;
    2. to measure the number of diagnostic tests conducted in relation to occasions of service, rate of positive STI test results, for people aged 16-25 years;
    3. to measure the extent of STI follow-up testing and rate of positive test results;
    4. to  monitor client care for STI/BBV  testing and management within participating ACCHS using Continuous Quality Improvement as a tool;
    5. to monitor the demographic factors associated with uptake of testing and positive test results;
    6. to examine pathways of referral for patients diagnosed with chronic or early hepatitis B and/or C in patients aged from 16 up to 54 years attending Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Services (ACCHS).
    7. To examine knowledge of pregnancy choices, reproductive health issues, options and behaviour  among young Aboriginal people aged 16-25 years.
    8. To monitor condom use with new partners among sexually active young Aboriginal people aged 16-25 years.
Project Members
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Head of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program
Ph +61 2 9385 0900
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Miss Belinda Ford
Project Officer
Other Investigators

Dr Rebecca Guy, Dr Handan Wand, Dr Douglas Boyle

Project Collaborators: External

Department of Health

Family Planning NSW


Bulgarr Ngaru Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service

Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre Taree

Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation

Coonamble Aboriginal Health Service

Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service

AMS Western Sydney

Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative

Hunter New England Health

National Centre in HIV and Social Research

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