Broome to Berrima: building capacity Australian wide in Indigenous offender health research.

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About the Project

This project sees indigenous and non-Indigenous academics from Western Australia, the ACT, New South Wales and Victoria develop offender health research capacity within a team of indigenous and non-Indigenous investigators. Investigators work on collaborative projects in the areas of mental health, substance use, blood borne viruses, impact of incarceration on indigenous communities, and models of care for indigenous offenders.


Australia has one of the highest Indigenous incarceration rates in the OECD which impacts profoundly on indigenous communities. With offender populations known to endure a greater health burden compared with the general community, there is a need to develop knowledge in this area, particularly in relation to indigenous incarceration.


This program of research aims to establish an Australia-wide health and criminal justice research network, and increased research capacity in key health areas affecting indigenous offenders.

Design & Method

Collaborative research work, secondments to research centres and mentoring will be used to develop the knowledge and skills of a cohort of young researchers (Team Investigators) in three states. Their findings will be shared and disseminated to a wider audience through annual symposia, publications in academic journals, online indigenous offender health network, and other media.


Following administrative transfers to UNSW, project remains active in supporting and building research capacity among team investigators. Project is progressing well towards establishing the foundations for an Australia-wide network for developing and sharing knowledge in indigenous offender health.


Better health services for Indigenous offenders, and more generally improved health and wellbeing for those in the communities from which they come, and to which they return.


An Australia-wide network for developing and sharing knowledge in indigenous offender health (

Project Members
image - 1338431618 Tony Butler
Professor and Program Head
Ph +61 2 9385 9257
image - 1339124418 Jk2
Professor and Program Head
Ph +61 (0)2 9385 0961
image - 1338431657 Michael Doyle2
Casual Academic
Ph +61 (0)2 9385 9259
image - 1338431796 Paul Simpson
Research Fellow
Ph +61 (0)2 9385 9263
image - Image1 2
Research Associate
Ph +61 (2) 9385 6407
image - Dina Saulo
Research Officer
Ph +61 (02)9385 0900
Other Investigators

NON KI Project Members: Prof. Kay Wilhelm,  Ms. Megan Williams

Other investigators: Prof Michael Levy,  Prof. Mick Dodson, Dr. Fadwa Al-Yaman, Prof. Dennis Gray, Prof. Steve Allsop, Ms. Jocelyn Jones, Dr. Jill Guthrie, Dr. Nerelle Poroch.

Mentors: Prof. Steve Larkin, A/Prof. Ted Wilkes, A/Prof. Stuart Kinner, A/Prof. Peter Schofield, A/Prof. Jane Freemantle, Prof. Ian Anderson, Prof. Beverley Raphael.

Project Collaborators: External

National Centre for Indigenous Studies (Australian National University)

National Drug and Alcohol Research Institute (Curtin University)

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service (ACT)

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