PAWS – The Prospective Ageing Well Study

Currently recruiting: 
The challenge: 

There are currently more than 26,000 people currently living with HIV (PLHIV) in Australia, with approximately 1,000 new diagnoses occurring each year. It is now estimated that around 40% (>10,000) of PLHIV are aged over 50 years. Similar trends are also observed in the US and Europe. New challenges have emerged among this ageing population. The ageing population of PLHIV appear to have increased risk of serious non-communicable or age-related illness including cardiovascular, liver and kidney disease, malignancies and bone disorders. Several studies internationally have reported an increased risk of several age-related diseases in PLHIV compared to people without HIV

The project: 

PAWS will aim to better understanding ageing among PLHIV and how this may or may not differ to people without HIV by collecting comprehensive health and lifestyle information from participants.

The method: 

We aim to recruit gay and bisexual men over the age of 45 to complete an online health and lifestyle survey. We will be working closely with the various community based organisations across the states to recruit participants to this study.

The results: 

Results from this study will help inform the management of PLHIV in Australia as they age and will also help to plan evidence based person-centred care strategies.

The impact: 

Changes in the morbidity profile of ageing PLHIV has considerable implications for treatment, as well as policy and planning of health services for these people. The relative contribution of HIV-infection, ART use and lifestyle factors to the development of these comorbidities in PLHIV is not known. These data are urgently needed to develop screening, prevention and advocacy programs for the larger numbers of older PLHIV people in Australia.

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