Steven Pilpot

PhD Candidate, HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program 

I was interested in undertaking a PhD in social research, and Kirby had an opening to work on the Opposites Attract study, among other studies. I was immediately attracted to the helpful nature of the people around me and the kind of research being conducted by Kirby. At the moment I am conducting the interviews for the Opposites Attract study, and they have proven to be incredibly interesting and informative.

The relaxed and non-corporate environment  of the Kirby is great; everyone is trusted to do their own work and encouraged to work in way that best suits their own personality and needs.

The office is full friendly faces – people are more than happy to joke around, but also leave you alone if you want to be. We have a particularly close team in the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program. I am known for my inability to understand personal space and love to give out hugs, especially when they are unwarranted.