Introduction to applied biostatistics

Course dates: 28 November - 1  December 2016
Program: Biostatistics and Databases Program
Convenor: Janaki Amin

Aims: This unit aims to provide students with an introduction to statistical concepts, their use and relevance in clinical research and public health. This unit covers ways to describe and summarise data, concepts of statistical inference and hypothesis testing and commonly used statistical tests. The course will cover the appropriate application, calculation and interpretation of statistical tests. Students will be trained to use Stata to perform these analyses.

Student learning outcomes: By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand how to summarise data;
  • Apply appropriate statistical tests based on an understanding of the study question, type of study and type of data;
  • Interpret the results of statistical tests.

Teaching strategies and methods will include a combination of:

  • The teaching will comprise formal teaching sessions and computer lab based tutorials.

Content: Topics to be covered include calculation and interpretation of confidence intervals, comparison of two means, comparison of two proportions, correlation, simple linear and logistic regression, an introduction to survival analysis, power and sample size estimation.

Assessment: Students will have a class exercise to complete at the end of each tutorial session to ensure achievement of competencies for that session.

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