Courtney Bendall 

Projects Manager,  The Director's Unit 

In 2008 I joined the Biostatistics and Databases Program. Part of my role was to be the administrative coordinator of the Australian HIV Observational Database (AHOD). From the first day I was considered part of the team, which for an administrative person is very rare. This project commenced in 1998 was and is still a valuable resource in how we understand the HIV epidemic in Australia. To be a part of a study with such passionate staff and collaborators is a true joy. It is an amazing collaboration between Kirby, community sites and key members of the community. To be a part of a project which has been collecting data for 16 years where the enthusiasm and dedication remains is truly remarkable. This project is a true testament to the work and dedication of Matthew Law and Kathy Petoumenos.

Hands down, the people are what make working at the Kirby Institute really fantastic. I can’t imagine any other workplace has such a wonderful mix of eclectic staff, whom are dedicated to the research but also know how to cut loose and have fun no matter the occasion. The fun can be a funny joke in the kitchen, impromptu dance parties at reception, foosball matches on Level 5 and the many drinks and morning teas celebrating accomplishments. I love working here and the reason is the people!