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Cost analysis of rapid HIV testing in men who have sex with men in sexual health clinics

Project Status: Ongoing
This analysis will assess the costs of both conventional and rapid HIV testing in terms of test kits and laboratory equipment, staff time and other...
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Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities (EPIC-NSW)

Project Status: Ongoing
EPIC-NSW stands for ‘Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities in NSW’. EPIC-NSW is a study run by the Kirby Institute and funded by the NSW...
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Male Circumcision Acceptability & Impact Study (MCAIS), Papua New Guinea

Project Status: Completed
Male circumcision for HIV prevention among at-risk men and women in Papua New Guinea: Acceptability, epidemiological impact, cost effectiveness and...
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Masculinities Study, Papua New Guinea

Project Status: Ongoing
Qualitative longitudinal study to investigate constructions of masculinity, sexuality and agency among male youth in Papua New Guinea
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National surveillance of blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections

Project Status: Ongoing
The Surveillance and Evaluation Research Program monitors the pattern of transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and specific sexually transmissible...
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National Surveillance of Transfusion-Transmissible Infections

Project Status: Ongoing
In a collaboration between the Surveillance and Evaluation Program for Public Health at the Kirby Institute and the Australian Red Cross Blood...
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National Trachoma Surveillance and Reporting Unit

Project Status: Ongoing
National surveillance of trachoma and evaluation of trachoma control strategies in Aboriginal communities within Australia.
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TTANGO (Test, Treat ANd GO)

Project Status: Ongoing
TTANGO (Test, Treat ANd GO) -  A randomised trial of point-of-care tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections in remote Aboriginal communities
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Using mathematical models to assess the impact of interventions to reduce sexually transmitted infections in Australia

Project Status: Completed
This research involves the design, implementation and analysis of mathematical models for assessing the health economic impact of public health...