Surveillance and Evaluation Program for Public Health

We are a group of scientists from diverse backgrounds such as physics, biochemistry, mathematics, biostatistics, computer science, and neuroscience. We work with clinicians, epidemiologists, behavioural scientists, policy makers, pharmaceutical companies, molecular biologists and microbiologists and we develop models to understand infectious disease dynamics; this includes epidemiological transmission dynamics, forecasting epidemic trajectories under various interventions in order to design health policy tools, and obtaining insight into kinetic virological and immunological interactions of various diseases with the immune system and host cells. The main infections we investigate are HIV, Chlamydia, and HPV. We have designed Sampling and Sensitivity Analysis Tools (SaSAT) as a free downloadable software package for analysing computational models and their broad parameter spaces.  

Sampling and Sensitivity Analyses Tools (SaSAT) Software for Computational Models

    Contact us if you would like us to send you a CD with the software and for the free password to unzip the downloaded program