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A longitudinal evaluation of Treponema pallidum PCR testing in early syphilis

Project Status: Completed
This study evaluates the performance (sensitivity and specificity) of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay for the diagnosis of Treponema pallidum...
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Chlamydia incidence and re-infection study (CIRIS): a longitudinal cohort study of young Australian women

Project Status: Ongoing
Chlamydia incidence and re-infection rates have never been studied in Australian women. We aimed to determine the incidence of chlamydia in a cohort...
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Culturally and linguistically diverse MSM at SSHC diagnostic and behavioural trends

Project Status: Ongoing
Differences may exist in both STI risk behaviour and testing practice between the major Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups within Australia...
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Do SMS reminders improve retesting rates after chlamydia infection in heterosexuals?

Project Status: Ongoing
Chlamydia re-infection is common in women and men. By 12 months re-infection rates have been reported to be as high as 22% in a chlamydia re-...
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Do SMS reminders improve STI testing frequency in men who have sex with men (MSM)?

Project Status: Ongoing
In late 2008, Sydney Sexual health Centre implemented a reminder system to improve re-testing rates for HIV and sexually transmissible infections (...
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New Xpress STI screening clinic improves patient journey and clinic capacity at a large sexual health clinic

Project Status: Ongoing
In December 2010 a new ‘express’ testing service (Xpress) was implemented alongside routine clinics at a large sexual health clinic. Xpress involved...
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Rapid HIV testing in men who have sex with men in sexual health clinics in Sydney

Project Status: Ongoing
This is the first study to use rapid HIV tests in a clinical setting in New South Wales and it is being conducted at four public sexual health...
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Project Status: Ongoing
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Seasonal trends in STI diagnoses: an investigation

Project Status: Ongoing
Local, State-wide and national notification data for STIs appears to show consistent variation at specific times during the year. The aim of the...
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Project Status: Ongoing
When considering factors that adversely affect adolescent health it is important to take into account early sexual activity and sexual risk behaviour...