Surveillance Evaluation and Research Program

Optima HIV Optimization & Analysis Tool

Optima is a mathematical model and software tool for analyzing and projecting HIV epidemics, conducting health economic assessments of clinical and public health programs, and calculating optimal allocations of resources to meet constrained strategic objectives. Optima uses an integrated analysis of epidemic, program, and cost data to determine an optimal distribution of investments to best serve the needs of HIV and health decision-makers and planners.

Optima can help address the following questions:

  • How should resources be allocated across the mix of programs for minimizing the number of new HIV infections, HIV-related mortality, or both?

  • What are the HIV trends and how will these change under different funding scenarios?

  • What resources are needed to reach the national strategic targets and objectives?

  • How many HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths have been averted through past investments?

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Sampling and Sensitivity Analyses Tools (SaSAT)

We have designed Sampling and Sensitivity Analysis Tools (SaSAT) as a free downloadable software package for analysing computational models and their broad parameter spaces.


Sampling and Sensitivity Analyses Tools (SaSAT) Software for Computational Models

    Contact us if you would like us to send you a CD with the software and for the free password to unzip the downloaded program