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ADVICE Study - Attenuation of D-dimer using Vorapaxar to target Inflammatory and Coagulation Endpoints

Project Status: Ongoing
ADVICE is a double blind randomised comparison of vorapaxar versus placebo for the treatment of HIV associated inflammation and coagulopathy in...
image - Cell Biology Of Hiv Spread

Cell biology of HIV spread

Project Status: Ongoing
This image shows the use of cellular structures for HIV spread. Finger like projections  known as filopodia (red) propel HIV virions (white) to...
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Project Status: Completed
image - Improving Ientiviral Gene Delivery

Improving lentiviral gene delivery

Project Status: Ongoing
This image shows the gene delivery into primary macrophages. Here we have delivered the green fluorescent protein in human primary macrophages at...
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Project Status: Ongoing
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Project Status: Completed
An Open label study to examone the characteristics of HIV decay following introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy including Raltegravir...
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Primary HIV Infection Data Observational (PHIIDO)

Project Status: Ongoing
Prospective observational cohort study of people enrolled during documented acute or early HIV infection who are untreated.
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RESTORE study: Thailand

Project Status: Completed
An observational study to explore reconstitution of immunity in patients with advanced HIV-1-infection commencing combination antiretroviral therapy...