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ADVICE Study - Attenuation of D-dimer using Vorapaxar to target Inflammatory and Coagulation Endpoints

Project Status: Ongoing
ADVICE is a double blind randomised comparison of vorapaxar versus placebo for the treatment of HIV associated inflammation and coagulopathy in...
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Australian Positive & Peers Longevity Evaluation Study (APPLES) Vanguard Study

Project Status: Ongoing
APPLES aims to investigate whether older gay men living with HIV age differently to gay men without HIV. In the current era of effective HIV...
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Culturally and linguistically diverse MSM at SSHC diagnostic and behavioural trends

Project Status: Ongoing
Differences may exist in both STI risk behaviour and testing practice between the major Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups within Australia...
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Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities (EPIC-NSW)

Project Status: Ongoing
EPIC-NSW stands for ‘Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities in NSW’. EPIC-NSW is a study run by the Kirby Institute and funded by the NSW...
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Male Circumcision Acceptability & Impact Study (MCAIS), Papua New Guinea

Project Status: Completed
Male circumcision for HIV prevention among at-risk men and women in Papua New Guinea: Acceptability, epidemiological impact, cost effectiveness and...
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Masculinities Study, Papua New Guinea

Project Status: Ongoing
Qualitative longitudinal study to investigate constructions of masculinity, sexuality and agency among male youth in Papua New Guinea
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Planning female and male vaccination and cervical screening strategies to achieve optimal prevention of HPV-related disease

Project Status: Completed
This research involves the design, implementation and analysis of mathematical models for assessing the health-economic impact of Human...
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Renal Substudy of MARCH main study

Project Status: Completed
Maraviroc Switch Renal Substudy: a substudy of MARCH, a randomised, open-label study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of maraviroc (MVC) as a...
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Seasonal trends in STI diagnoses: an investigation

Project Status: Ongoing
Local, State-wide and national notification data for STIs appears to show consistent variation at specific times during the year. The aim of the...