Biostatistics and Databases Program

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The Biostatistics and Databases Program has a collaborative biostatistical research role across many of the Institute’s programs and activities. This includes ensuring the statistical design and analysis of clinical trials and epidemiological studies are to appropriate international standards. The Program also develops traditional CRF and web-based databases, for research studies and national surveillance activities.

In addition to collaborative activities with other programs, the Program has independent research activities in a number of areas. First, the Program leads a number of large, observational cohort studies. These include adult HIV cohorts in Australia and Asia and paediatric HIV cohorts in Asia, second, the Program has an active mathematical modelling group. This group is largely focused on transmission, and interventions aimed at preventing transmission, of certain sexually transmissible infections, including HPV, gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. Third, the Program has an active interest in linkage studies, including linkage of HIV, HBV, HCV and cohort studies to hospitalization, cancer and death registries. These linkage studies describe longer term outcomes and epidemiological patterns.The Program also has strong links with various international  institutes such as HIV Prevention Research Unit, Durban, South Africa and Institute of Medical Research Unit, Goroka, Papua New Guinea.  These research activities are based on developing and applying modern statistical techniques to investigate the incidence of HIV infection and risk factors. 

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