Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program

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We aim to deliver world-class clinical and laboratory research into viral hepatitis. We are committed to improving outcomes for people living with viral hepatitis by conducting ethical research and engaging with affected communities and the broader viral hepatitis sector.

The Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program was formed in 2003 and is a rapidly expanding area of clinical research and development within the Kirby Institute. The program focuses on therapeutic research in viral hepatitis and the activities of the program can be divided in to 3 main areas. Clinical research including clinical trials forms the main part of the program’s work. The second component is the recently established viral hepatitis sample repository, HepBank, for molecular virology research. The third component is epidemiological research through data linkage studies and mathematical modelling.

Particular areas of interest for the program are the natural history of newly acquired Hepatitis C (HCV) and treatment of acute and chronic HCV particularly in the setting of injection drug use. The program also has a strong interest in HIV/HCV and HIV/HBV coinfection. Further, a recent focus on HCV reinfection, superinfection and protective immunity has seen the expansion of laboratory based viral hepatitis research.

The Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program liaises with all other programs within the Kirby Institute, as well as with hepatologists, infectious disease physicians and primary care networks nationwide.

Future aims of the program include continuing to design and coordinate multi-centre clinical research trials in viral hepatitis and the expansion of the research networks in Australia, Asia and internationally. Additionally, an expansion of the sample repository and molecular virological research is planned.




Program members

image - 1338774870 Amanda Erratt
Clinical Project Coordinator
image - 1338774930 Barbara Yeung
Clinical Project Coordinator
image - 1343871912 Ineke Shaw
Clinical Project Coordinator
image - 1338781056 Marianne Byrne
Clinical Project Coordinator
image - Laurence
Senior Clinical Project Coord
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Clinical Trials Database Developer