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Early Adolescent Alcohol Use: Are Sipping and Drinking Distinct?

Wadolowski M; Hutchinson D; Bruno R; Aiken A; Clare P; Slade T; Najman J; Kypri K; Mcbride N; Mattick RP.
, 2015.

Assessing site performance in the Altair study, a multinational clinical trial

Berthon-Jones N; Courtney-Vega K; Donaldson A; Haskelberg H; Emery S; Puls R.
, 2015.

A molecular phylogenetics-based approach for identifying recent hepatitis C virus transmission events

Olmstead AD; Joy JB; Montoya V; Luo I; Poon AFY; Jacka B; Lamoury F; Applegate T; Montaner J; Khudyakov Y.
, 2015.