STRIVE: STI in Remote communities: ImproVed & Enhanced primary health care

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About the Project


STRIVE is a randomised community trial with an intervention of a sexual health quality improvement program. The trial is being conducted in 65 remote communities comprised of 23 clusters of communities in northern and central Australia. 


Primary aims of this project are:

1. To determine whether targeted clinical review and support provided to health services can achieve substantive and sustained improvements in the provision of sexual health clinical services in remote Aboriginal communities. 
2. To determine whether the attainment of best practice levels in clinical activity can reduce the prevalence of STIs in these communities.

Secondary aims of this project are:
1. To measure the impact of the STRIVE trial on health service staff. 
2. To measure other non-STRIVE activities which may influence sexual health service delivery.

Design & Method

The Sexual Health Quality Improvement Program comprises five main elements: 
(i) quality improvement and trial coordinators based in each region
(ii) development of a set of agreed best practice targets in STI control such as coverage, interval time to treatment, retests for cure of infection, and contact tracing with clinic staff 
(iii) modifications to patient information management systems
(iv) incentive payments to health services for reaching best practice targets and 
(v) health promotion initiatives. 


STRIVE will use a stepped wedge approach design, meaning that over the next three years, eight clusters of communities will be randomly assigned to receive the intervention. Currently the STRIVE team are collecting baseline prevalence data for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas from each of the 65 clinics.

Project Members
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Professor and Program Head
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Associate Professor and Program Head
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Professor and Program Head
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Professor and Program Head
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Professor and Program Head and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
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Conjoint Lecturer
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Associate Professor
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Other Investigators

Project members:  Rumbold A, McDermott R, Fairley C. 

Project Collaborators: External

Menzies School of Health Research

Northern Territory Department of Health and Families

Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory

University of Adelaide

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

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