Role of ADCC in disease progression

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Antibody Dependent cytotoxicity is a mechanism by which Natural Killer cells kill infected cells.  Its role in control of HIV-infection and in preventing HIV infection post vaccination is unclear. It is mediated by certain isotypes of IgG.


To define quantity and quality of ADCC responses in various patient groups and look for correlations with control.

Design & Method

Studies are being undertaken with collaborators in Melbourne and Perth to determine correlates of progression and unique epitopes


Samples on all LTNP and untreated patients at primary infection with varying rates of progression have been transferred to Melbourne and Perth for conduct of assays. Manuscript reporting results in LTNPs and rapid progressors has been submitted for publication.


Further work characterising epitopes is ongoing and will be completed in 2012

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Professor and Program Head
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Ms Pat Grey
Clinical Project Co-ordinator
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Kat Marks

Project Collaborators: External

Long-Term Non-progressor Study Group, including clinical sites in Sydney, Port Kembla, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Melbourne University

Department of Immunology, Royal Perth Hospital

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