Hepatitis C Vaccine Preparedness Studies (Hits-C)

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About the Project


The project aims to establish the feasibility of conducting field trials of candidate HCV vaccines with PWID 


1) Determine HCV incidence and spontaneous clearance in a prospective cohort of uninfected PWID; 2) Identify associated risk factors; 3) Evaluate retention strategies and factors associated with adherence to the study protocol; and 4) Investigate immunisation acceptability, clinical trial literacy and willingness to participate in future vaccine trials in this group

Design & Method

The project includes the Hepatitis C Incidence and Transmission Study – community (HITS-c), a prospective observational study of HCV antibody and RNA negative PWID. Participants who acquire HCV are enrolled in an incident case cohort, the Hepatitis C Incidence and Transmission Study – incidence (HITS-i).


A total of 313 PWID were screened for the study and 188 identified as eligible and enrolled. Retention at 12 months was 85%. A total of 32 incident cases of HCV infection were  observed (6.9/100py; 95% CI 4.9.8-9.7).


Results will inform the feasibility and design of future field trials of candidate HCV vaccines, as well as public health policy and interventions to prevent the transmission of hepatitis C in PWID.


Peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations and reports. Annual estimates of HCV incidence among PWID are also published in the Kirby Institute Annual Surveillance Report.

Project Members
image - 1343190993 Bethany White1
Research Assistant
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image - 1343872980 Jarliene
Administrative Officer
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image - 1338782033 Sammy Chow
Research Assistant
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Professor and Program Head and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
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image - 1343873204 Jessica Jia
Research Assistant
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Other Investigators

Margaret Hellard, Annie Madden, Maria Prins, Thomas Kerr, Kimberly Page, Ju Park

Project Collaborators: External

Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam and Infectious Disease Cluster, Amsterdam Public Health Service

Australian Intravenous and Injecting League (AIVL)

Hepatitis Australia

Hepatitis C Council of NSW

Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

SEALS Microbiology, Prince of Wales Hospital

Burnet Institute

British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

University of California San Francisco

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