FLU 002 Plus (Respiratory Virus Outpatient Study) - An International Observational Study to Characterize Adults with Influenza or Other Targeted Respiratory Viruses

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University of Minnesota; NIAID, USA

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In 2009, the world experienced the first pandemic of influenza in 40 years; the rationale for this observational study is to understand better the types of presentation and risk factors for severe infection with all types of influenza.


The purpose of this observational study is to describe participants in geographically diverse locations with influenza virus infection and their clinical course over a 14-day period following enrolment.

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Ongoing, globally 2194 participants enrolled


Further our understanding of risk factors for disease severity; and to establish a central repository of specimens for use in virus characterization, including subtyping, antigenic and genetic analyses, identification of signature mutations associated with antiviral drug resistance, mutational evolution, and additional reassortment. This information will be used to guide policymakers and to design future studies.


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Professor Dominic Dwyer, Dr Richard Moore, Dr Tuck Meng Soo, Dr Norm Roth, Dr Mark Bloch

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St. Vincent’s Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Interchange General Practice, Northside Clinic, Prahran Market Clinic, Taylor Square Private Clinic, Holdsworth House Medical Practice;

Westmead Hospital

Interchange General Practice

Northside Clinic

Prahran Market Clinic

Holdsworth House Medical Practice

TVRP is also responsible for coordinating the study in Thailand (2 sites), Argentina (10 sites), and Chile (2 sites)

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