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August 2014
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NSW Health; UNSW Goldstar Award

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About the Project

The eTEST Project was a general practice intervention aimed at increasing sexual health testing rates among gay and bisexual men.  At diverse general practice clinics in Sydney and Melbourne, eTEST implemented a multifaceted intervention tailored to meet the needs of each service.  Intervention components included: integrated decision support software, computer prompts, patient SMS reminders, payment incentives, and regular clinic audit reports.  The interventions were in place for a two year period, during which time impact was assessed using routine clinical attendance and pathology data along with interviews and focus groups with participating clinicians.  Overall, the eTEST intervention demonstrated the capacity to improve recording of patient sexual orientation details as well as the completeness and frequency of HIV and STI testing among gay and bisexual men.


1. To determine whether a multifaceted intervention can increase regular and appropriate HIV/STI testing among high risk MSM attending general practice clinics.

2. To assess the feasibility and acceptability of the intervention to clinic staff.


The eTEST Project has finished with the intervention rolled out to eight general practice clinics for a minimum of two years.  The findings of this project are available via The eTEST Project Final Report.


Callander, D., Bourne, C., Pell, C., Finlayson, R., Forssman, B., Baker, D., de Wit, J., Hocking, J., Stoové, M., Donovan, B., Kaldor, J., & Guy, R. (2014). Recording the sexual orientation of male patients attending general practice. Family Practice, 32(1), 35-40.

Drummond, F., Lewis, L., Bourne, C., Ramanathan, V., Hocking, J., Wand, H., Donovan, B., Kaldor, J., & Guy, R. (2011). P1-S6. 32 Optimising clinical systems to increase HIV/STI testing in gay men: the eTEST project. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 87(Suppl 1), A209.

Callander, D., Bourne, C., Pell, C., Finlayson, R., Tee, B., Baker, D., de Wit, J., Hocking, J., Stoové, M., Donovan, B., Kaldor, J., & Guy, R. (2014). High rates of delayed HIV diagnoses in primary care suggest the need for health promotion strategies. Presentation [poster] at the 2014 World AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Callander, D., Bourne, C., Ramanathan, V., de Wit, J., & Guy, R. (2013). The challenges of introducing a software-based intervention to increase STI and HIV testing among GBM. Presentation [poster] at the STI & AIDS World Congress, Vienna, Austria.

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Other Investigators

Chris Bourne, Vijay Ramanthan, Jane Hocking

Project Collaborators: External

STIs in Gay Men’s Action Group; New South Wales Ministry of Health

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