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The Australian long-term non-progressor cohort study was established in 1994 and is still ongoing. Studies focussing on identifying the reason this rare group of people with prolonged HIV infection remain healthy, with virtually no damage to their immune system are extremely important.


Understanding the pathogenesis of HIV and development of new antiretroviral therapy and preventative vaccines.

Design & Method

International collaboration includes Elite Controller Collaborative Project and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). National collaborators include Stephen Kent, Martyn French.


Of the 163 participants recruited to this cohort 42 individuals (sustained non-progressors) are still treatment naïve. Four new patients were recruited in 2011.


Insights into pathogenesis and vaccine design.NHMRC, DoHA

Project Members
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Professor and Program Head
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Ms Pat Grey
Clinical Project Co-ordinator
Other Investigators

Kat Marks

Project Collaborators: External

Long-Term Non-progressor Study Group, including clinical sites in Sydney, Port Kembla, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

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  • image - 1338430901 Pat Grey New
    Ms Pat Grey
    Clinical Project Co-ordinator

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