Australian Chronic Hepatitis C Observational Study (ACHOS)

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There is little information about people with hepatitis C (HCV) attending treatment clinics in Australia.

  • establish a database of information about patients with chronic HCV infection attending primary care and tertiary level clinics in Australia; and
  • determine levels of antiviral therapy uptake and factors that predict treatment deferral in these patients.
  • determine antiviral response rates, including factors that predict response;
  • monitor changes in treatment uptake; and
  • assess the impact of antiviral therapy on liver disease progression.
Design & Method

ACHOS is a clinic-based observational cohort study of chronically infected hepatitis C patients eligible for hepatitis C treatment.


The first two objectives have been met. There were 1260 patientsrecruited from 24 clinics between April 2008 and December 2009. Most patients recruited were male (68%), born in Australia (77%), aged 35-54 years (67%), and past injecting drug users (64%). Seventeen percent had received treatment previously and 49% received treatment at or sometime after enrolment. Among newly referred treatment naive patients, current injecting drug use, past and current treatment for drug dependency and alcohol use above 20 grams per day were independent predictors of treatment deferral. Studies to determine predictors of treatment response and delayed uptake will be conducted in 2011.


This study is the first to provide a description of the clinic-based HCV infected population in Australia, including their levels of treatment uptake and factors associated with treatment uptake and response. The study of treatment uptake showed that drug and alcohol rather than clinical factors influenced HCV treatment uptake. This provides evidence that further support for patients with drug and alcohol dependency is required to optimise treatment uptake.


Study of predictors of treatment uptake published: Gidding HF, Law MG, Amin J, Macdonald GA, Sasadeusz JJ, Jones TL, Strasser SI, George J, Dore GJ, on behalf of the ACHOS investigator team. Predictors of hepatitis C treatment deferral in Australian clinics. Med J Aust 2011;194: 398–402.

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Associate Professor Janaki Amin
Associate Professor and Postgraduate Coordinator
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Professor and Program Head
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Professor and Program Head
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Network of 24 sites in NSW, QLD, SA, Vic, and ACT

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    Associate Professor Janaki Amin
    Associate Professor and Postgraduate Coordinator

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