Assays of T-cell function, proliferation and cytotoxicity, and identification of antigen-specific T-cells

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NHMRC, St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney), Coelaic Foundation

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About the Project


A range of flow cytometric assays for assessing CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell function are worked up in the laboratory. The measures of antigen-specific T-cells include T cell proliferation, activation and cytokine secretion.


Such assays are important for understanding HIV pathogenesis and in responses to vaccines, and therefore are included in the protocols of clinical trials and natural history studies carried out by the Kirby. 

Design & Method

Assays were performed as part the PINT trial of therapy with the integrase inhibitor, Raltegravir and the Restore and PrIRIS studies in Bangkok and Sydney respectively. Other studies were conducted as part of the PHIIDO observational study of primary HIV infection, and long term non-progressors.


These assays were validated in the context two clinical competed clinical studies assessing latent TB infection in Bangkok and Sydney; in a clinical study of CMV re-activation and Adenovirus infection following paediatric bone marrow transplantation, and in following immune responses with gluten induced flares of Coeliac disease.  Assays were also conducted to elucidate the generation of CD4+ t cell responses during primary vaccinia vaccination.


New insights into pathogenesis, possible new diagnostics. 


Continued analysis of samples from PHAEDRA and the long-term non-progressor cohorts, TB studies completed. Studies of CMV disease to be completed in 2012. Coeliac study commenced and 50% recruited in 2010, for completion in 2012. Completion of RESTORE 2013.

Project Members
image - 1338430933 Susannah Ip
Ms Susanna Ip
Research Assistant
image - Laura Cooke
Ms Laura Cook
PhD Student
image - Mee Ling
Research Fellow
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Professor and Program Head
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image - 1343180406 Denise Hsu
Dr Denise Hsu
PhD Student
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Visiting Snr Research Fellow
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image - 1338436367 Sean Emery.jpg
Professor Sean Emery
Professor and Program Head
Other Investigators

John Zaunders, Nabila Seddiki, Jintanat Ananworanich

Project Collaborators: External

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

Sydney Children’s Hospital

Faculté Créteil Henri Mondor, Créteil

Dept. of Immunology and Microbiology, Melbourne University

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

HIV-NAT Bangkok

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  • image - 1338430933 Susannah Ip
    Ms Susanna Ip
    Research Assistant

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