Appropriating Test and Treat - ethnography of HIV test and treat practice in decentralized urban Indonesia

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With the global Test & Treat strategy, clients are made to learn ways of disciplining their bodies to prevent themselves of getting infected and infecting others with unwanted virus. On the other hand, health practitioners and policy makers involved in HIV test and treat program need to think of ways in (re)producing and distributing this knowledge on the ground. Therefore, there is a need to understand how a global health strategy such as Test & Treatment is being delivered by health services, as well as how it is being taken up and understood by clients.


The primary objective of this study is to understand how a global HIV intervention strategy is being adopted and refashioned at national and local level, by clinics and clients, through a case study of current HIV treatment in Indonesia.

Design & Method

This study proposes to use an ethnographic approach. In using ethnographic approach, this study will employ different means of data collection, including observation, in-depth interviews and group discussion as well as archival work.


1st year – literature review

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