ADVICE Study - Attenuation of D-dimer using Vorapaxar to target Inflammatory and Coagulation Endpoints

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November 2015
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National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC)

Merck Research Laboratories

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About the Project

ADVICE is a double blind randomised comparison of vorapaxar versus placebo for the treatment of HIV associated inflammation and coagulopathy in patients with well controlled HIV replication. Vorapaxar (Zontivity™) is an oral competitive PAR-1 antagonist that inhibits thrombin-induced platelet aggregation.


Elevated expression of d-dimer (corresponding to coagulopathy) and hs-CRP/IL-6 (corresponding to immune activation/inflammation) are associated with increased risk of death and serious end-organ diseases among people with HIV infection. While increased levels of these markers are driven by HIV replication, it is clear that even among people with well controlled HIV replication there is a consistent relationship between higher d-dimer levels and poorer clinical outcome. While combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) reduces levels of d-dimer, it does not result in normalisation. Even among patients with suppressed HIV RNA replication, expression of these markers is higher among people with HIV infection than those observed in age matched populations without HIV infection. Interventions to reduce either hypercoagulopathy and/or immune activation may permit a clearer understanding of the pathogenesis that underpins this presentation.


1.      To compare the safety and efficacy of vorapaxar versus placebo in reducing d-dimer expression and markers of cellular immune activation over a period of 12 weeks among people with HIV infection who are successfully treated with combination antiretroviral therapy containing either raltegravir or dolutegravir.

2.      A secondary objective of the study will be to demonstrate that following cessation of vorapaxar in patients with suppressed plasma HIV viremia there will be an increase in the levels of d-dimer over a 6 week period.

Project Members
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Professor Sean Emery
Professor and Program Head
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Clinical Project Coordinator
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Clinical Project Coordinator
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Data Manager
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image - Rashelle Raymond Tvrp
Data Manager
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image - 1338425133 Janaki Amin.jpg
Associate Professor Janaki Amin
Associate Professor and Postgraduate Coordinator
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Administrative Assistant
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image - 1338430087 David Van Bockel
Research Officer
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Professor and Program Head
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Other Investigators

Doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Hennepin County Medical Center (USA) including; Prof Anthony Kelleher, Prof David Cooper, Dr Angie Pinto, Dr Kersten Koelsch, Prof Bruce Brew, Prof Stephen Kent, Dr Jason Baker, Dr Robert Finlayson, Dr Marta Catalfamo, Dr Cliff Lane.

Project Collaborators: External

Kent Laboratory – Doherty Institute, Melbourne

St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research, Sydney

University of Minnesota

National Institute of Health, USA

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