Adherence to Hepatitis B Antiviral Therapies

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About the Project

Medication non-adherence is a global problem. An estimated 50% of people living in a developed country report non-adherence to prescribed medications.

Chronic hepatitis B viral (CHBV) infection is a major public health concern globally, with high prevalence creating an increasing mortality and morbidity burden. Current estimates suggest that 90,000-160,000 Australians are living with CHBV with a proportion of these requiring anti-viral therapy. Adherence to prescribed medications and associated factors has been well described within the context of chronic disease and chronic viral infections. Recent studies of adherence to HBV anti-viral therapy have utilised a range of methodologies and definitions of adherence. Results suggest that adherence ranges from 35% to 84%  however little is known about the barriers and facilitators of adherence. This mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methods study aims to describe patterns and predictors of HBV treatment adherence and provide a more in depth understanding of the factors associated with adherent behaviour.


Adherence to HBV anti-viral treatment is an important influence on treatment outcomes. Poor adherence reduces the effectiveness of treatment and may lead to hepatic flares, liver decompensation, the development of liver sequelae and drug resistance.


This study aims to:

1) Explore participant’s experiences and knowledge of taking HBV antiviral therapies

2) Identify barriers and facilitators ofHBV antiviral therapy adherence

3) Identify patterns and predictors of HBV antiviral therapy adherence.

Design & Method

Mixed methods - Qualitative in-depth interviews and interviewer-administered survey


Qualitative study complete. Quantitative study in progress.


This study will add to the small body of HBV treatment adherence knowledge, provide insights into barriers and facilitators of adherence and inform recommendations for clinical practice.


Peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations and reports

Other Investigators

Iryna Zablotska-Manos, Amany Zekry, Lisa Maher

Project Collaborators: External

Westmead Hospital

Concord Hospital

St George Hospital

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