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Associate Professor and Program Head
The Kirby Institute
+61 (0)2 9385 0900
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Research Interests:
David Wilson is Head of the Surveillance and Evaluation Program for Public Health. Dr Wilson and his team coordinate surveillance and reporting of HIV, viral hepatitis, and sexually transmissible infections in Australia and conduct quantitative evaluations of public health epidemics, programs and policies. He also designs national HIV strategies, conducts costing exercises, and assesses optimal resource allocations and fiscal space projections related to HIV for governments of low- and middle-income countries. Approaches to quantitative evaluations include impact evaluation through establishing serial cross-sectional or cohort trials and use of mathematical modelling and health economics. He has extensive experience in Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe with increasing profile in South and West Africa and South America. Dr Wilson regularly undertakes research for numerous national Governments on aspects of infectious disease management and control. Dr Wilson works extensively with the World Bank and with numerous other global health organisations.

Broad Research Areas:
HIV, Population Health, Surveillance, Mathematical Modelling, Strategy, Costing, Resource Allocation