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A longitudinal evaluation of Treponema pallidum PCR testing in early syphilis

Project Status: Completed
This study evaluates the performance (sensitivity and specificity) of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay for the diagnosis of Treponema pallidum...
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A phase II, open-label, multicentre, international trial of sofosbuvir and GS-5816 for people with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and recent injection drug use

Project Status: Ongoing
SIMPLIFY is a phase II open label single arm multicentre international study exploring the safety, efficacy and feasibility of sofosbuvir and GS-5816...
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A Social Scientific Investigation of Randomized Controlled Trial Participation in Addictions Research

Project Status: Ongoing
Illicit drug use is a major driver of severe health and social harms in Canada and globally and there remain significant gaps in our ability to...
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ACTIVATE: A Collaborative Trial in Injectors of indiViduAlized Treatment for genotypE 2/3

Project Status: Ongoing
A phase IV, open-label, multicentre, international trial of response guided treatment with directly observed pegylated interferon alfa 2b and self-...
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Adherence to Hepatitis B Antiviral Therapies

Project Status: Ongoing
Medication non-adherence is a global problem. An estimated 50% of people living in a developed country report non-adherence to prescribed medications...
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ADVICE Study - Attenuation of D-dimer using Vorapaxar to target Inflammatory and Coagulation Endpoints

Project Status: Ongoing
ADVICE is a double blind randomised comparison of vorapaxar versus placebo for the treatment of HIV associated inflammation and coagulopathy in...
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An Evaluation of Aboriginal Sexual and Reproductive Health and Viral Hepatitis Program in selected Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

Project Status: Ongoing
This Evaluation Program seeks to examine changes in service delivery within selected Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS)...
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Assessing the Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of Needle and Syringe Provision on Hepatitis C Transmission among People Who Inject Drugs: An Analysis of Pooled Datasets and Economic Modelling

Project Status: Ongoing
The provision of sterile injecting equipment through needle and syringe programs (NSP) to people who inject drugs (PWID), along with opiate...