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Kirby/AMR Seminar Series - March 2013

Added 13 Mar 2013 -
1st March Friday: Coogee 4.00pm-5.00pm (drinks after) Josephine Roediger Optimal Allocation of HIV prevention funding in Indonesia and Philipines     6th March Wednesday: AMR 1.30-2.15pm (lunch 1.00pm) Ben...

Kirby/AMR Seminar Series - Nov-Dec

Added 23 Oct 2012 -
2nd November Friday: Coogee 4.00pm-5.00pm (drinks after) Dr Joanne Reekie Regional Differences in AIDS and Non-AIDS Related Mortality in HIV-Positive Individuals across Europe: ‘The EuroSIDA Study’     7th...

Kirby/AMR Seminar Series - Oct

Added 18 Sep 2012 -
10th October Wednesday: AMR 1.30-2.15pm (lunch 1.00pm) Drs Winnie Tong & Fred Lee Dr Tong: Immune responses to HPV-16 in anal intraepithelial neoplasiaDr Lee: Metabolic sideeffects of anti-retroviral...

Kirby/AMR Seminar Series - September

Added 11 Sep 2012 -
7th September Friday: Coogee 4.00pm-5.00pm (drinks after) Ms Handan Wand Biostatistics applications in HIV research   12th September Wednesday: AMR 1.30-2.30pm (lunch 1.00pm) Dr Nicolas Durier TREAT Asia –...

Kirby/AMR Seminar Series - August

Added 1 Aug 2010 -
10th August Friday: Coogee 4.00pm-5.00pm (drinks after) Ms Amy Kwon Mathematical modeling of HIV/HCV among injecting drug users in Australia and HIV among populations at risk in Indonesia   15th August...

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